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2003 News:

26 Dec. 2003

� Some online retailers are advertising a March 2, 2004 release date for the Dear You reissue.

22 Nov. 2003

� The Dear You reissue is now slated for a February 2004 release. According to Adam, the 2xLP gatefold version will be out on February 23rd; presumably, the CD will be released around the same time, if not on that very day.
� You might have noticed that the demo version of "I Love You So Much It's Killing Us Both" will not appear on the Dear You reissue after all. Adam says that he and a friend have tentative plans to release the song on a 7" along with Wesley Willis's "Jawbreaker" and Adam's sister Kembra's rendition of "Ache" on the b-side. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.
� KQED has been hosting a handful of Whysall Lane tunes for your listening pleasure. Check it out on the left side of the screen here.

10 Aug. 2003

� Adam has posted a new note/update on the Blackball Records frontpage. Along with his thoughts on the latest Jawbreaker tribute album and the Whysall Lane mini-tour, he includes the latest on the Dear You reissue:
"J Robbins sent me the "Shirt" mix from the Dear You recording. I played it for Blake on tour and he gave it the green light. It will be added at the end of the record, along with those Dear You outtakes I put on Etc. I worried this might take some sheen off Etc., but I reckoned having the entire session in one place would be cool. The "Fireman" video will also be on there -- enhanced style. I considered just pressing a DVD and including it in the package, but the cost out of the question. There will be new art, photos on each page. I do not have a release date yet because I don't know when it's coming out. How bad am I?"

19 Jul. 2003

� According to a recent interview with Adam, the studio version of Shirt from the Dear You sessions will be included on the forthcoming reissue of the album.
� Chris is practicing with a band in Olympia, Washington. Details will be posted as they become available.
� The Jawbreaker MP3 page has posted the first part of a 75 minute telephone interview with Christ Bassmaster. Check it out and fall in love with him all over again.

29 Jun. 2003

� Chris appears in a new Squirtgun song entitled "Make It Wreck." You can check it out in MP3 form at Interpunk or

10 Jun. 2003

� I recently did a short interview with Billy Anderson, producer and engineer for the Bivouac LP, the Chesterfield King 12", part of the 24 Hour Revenge Therapy LP, and the compilation songs Kiss the Bottle and Pretty Persuasion. It's posted on the Interviews page. Enjoy.

17 Apr. 2003

� Andon's Jawbreaker MP3 page is now hosting an audio interview with Chris, which was originally conducted by Kasey on his college's radio station. This is absolutely mandatory listening; until now, most of you probably haven't had the opportunity to hear Chris talk for more than thirty seconds, let alone thirty minutes straight! Interviews with Adam and hopefully Blake will appear in the near future.

04 Apr. 2003

� Dying Wish Records has released a tracklist for their upcoming Jawbreaker tribute album. They mention that the tribute will be available for mailorder in May and in stores in June.

04 Mar. 2003

Copter Crash Records is releasing a Jawbreaker tribute album in April. Check their page for more details.
� Apparently Dying Wish Records is putting out a tribute album as well. The following bands have allegedly recorded songs for it: Name Taken, Brand New, Bayside, Kill Your Idols, Riddlin Kids, The Reunion Show, Dynamite Boy, Everytime I Die, Drawn From Endings, the Aeffect, Face to Face, From Autumn to Ashes. More info as it becomes available.

16 Jan. 2003

� Bryan from Horace Pinker sent me the following letter to post here regarding Chris's interview in the latest issue of Punk Planet (note that he has also posted it at the Blackball Records message board):

"A letter from Chris Bauermeister and Horace Pinker

We are writing this letter regarding the most recent issue of Punk Planet in response to the Jawbreaker cover story. In a typical journalistic fashion, with phrases lifted straight from a Behindal the Music episode, Trevor Kelley attempts to uncover the "controversy" and conflict in the post-Jawbreaker life of bassist Chris Bauermeister. Sorry, Trevor, but there is no exciting "rockumentary" material here, Chris decided to quit Horace Pinker because we are still touring and he devotes most of his time to his PhD work and his wife. In the intro copy to the story, Kelley discusses Chris's involvement in Horace Pinker in a slightly different manner:

Bauermeister: Getting antsy to play music again, he joined Chicago pop-punk troop Horace Pinker in 1999. It was a decision he would regret making. Horace Pinker, a band that had been around for close to 10 years at that point, seemed to glow with the phrase "featuring former Jawbreaker bassist Chris Bauermeister" and after a joyless tour across Canada in the summer of 2000, Bauermeister quit.

Chris sets things straight (via email from Germany): "Those are not my words. I did decide to quit after the 2000 tour because it sucked for me. I was sick the entire time and didn't enjoying touring anymore, so I said something to that effect. I never said I regretted joining Horace Pinker."

Let's paint a more accurate portrait of reality here. First of all, we are friends, and playing with Chris was not an exercise in pushing product. Touring with All Systems Go (whose line-up features ex-Doughboys and ex-Big Drill Car members), we rarely played to more than one or two hundred people (where is the 'glow' here??). When we played local shows, the audiences tended to top out below that. Our EP 'Copper Regret,' recorded with Chris, has certainly not gone gold. Horace Pinker NEVER promoted themselves or endorsed the phrase "featuring former Jawbreaker bassist Chris Bauermeister" and even told labels and booking agents not to advertise us that way. These were band decisions that Chris was a part of making and that we even talk about in our interview for Punk Planet issue #37 2000.

Punk Planet: it's interesting because it seems that so far, there's been little fanfare about your joining hp, at least not compared to the hoopla over jets to brazil-and you really don't seem to mind. you probably prefer it. how do you think jawbreaker's legacy will impact your work with hp?

Chris: i do prefer it. i think a band should be dealt with as a whole, not individual celebrities. as i've said before, that's what i really like about hp. that's one thing i really hated about the whole major label thing; they don't seem to know how to market anything but divas. i'm realistic enough to recognize, though, that copper regret is going to get a certain degree of 'ex-jawbreaker' marketing, but if that gets more people to listen to hp, great. on the other hand, i think it's preposterous if that eclipses the band in any way. i mean, the band was around long before i joined it. hell, we toured with them; that's where i know them from originally. Bryan: i also think jets to brazil was pretty much signed from the get-go and had a pretty big label hyping the hell out of them before they ever released anything. hp has not had that.

Punk Planet: chris brings up an interesting point. how do you feel when someone labels hp 'ex-jawbreaker'?

Scott: we would of course have to terminate them.
Bryan: i could care less. the way i look at it is if more people check us out because of chris, that's great. but i think it is the music that will keep them coming back, and that is what is important to me. and maybe these people will also get turned onto the old stuff too. i just want people to have access to the record. we gave up on being rock stars a long time ago. Matt: i haven't had anyone label hp 'ex-jawbreaker.' not kids, not friends, not fans, zines, etc. i think people do realize the band has been around for awhile and just accepts that 'hey, we got a new bass player.' it just so happens he was an integral part of one of the most inspirational punk bands ever.

According to Chris, in the interview with Trevor "I probably mentioned the 'ex-Jawbreaker' mostly because we were talking about Blake's attempts to escape the Jawbreaker tag."

What Trevor said about Horace Pinker is simply not true. We do not want to make a big deal out of this, but when someone purposefully distorts the truth we feel that we need to respond. All we have ever done over the past ten years is work very hard to get our music heard and try to release quality records with almost no label support. It is so typical that someone who knows absolutely nothing about our band would make negative and untrue comments in a well respected publication.

Sincerely - Horace Pinker and Chris Bauermeister"

13 Jan. 2003

� The February 2003 Punk Planet (#53) has an interview with Blake, Chris, and Adam; check the Interviews section of this site as well. Also, there was allegedly an interview with Adam in issue #25 of the BMX magazine entitled Dig; I haven't confirmed this information yet.
� I've supplied the Jawbreaker Live MP3s Page with a few treats. Oddly enough, they're not live. Enjoy.

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