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2004 News:

4 Jun. 2004

� Adam has posted a new Blackball Records update on the Black Board. Portions of it appear below:

A live version of "Kiss The Bottle" from Gilman Street (July 3, 1993) will be on In Honor: A Compilation To Beat Cancer on Vagrant Records. It will benefit cancer research through the Syrentha Savio Endowment (SSE) and the Sean McGrath Fund (SMF). Here's a link: Bands confirmed: Bouncing Souls//Cursive/Face To Face/Funeral For A Friend/Hot Water Music/Name Taken/None More Black/Sean McGrath/Sparta/Strike Anywhere.
A live version of "Chesterfield King" from CBGB (May 29, 1993) will be on Rock Against Bush Volume 2 on Fat Wreck Chords. Confirmed: Foo Fighters/Green Day/Bad Religion/ Sleater-Kinney/Lawrence Arms. Check for info.

I plan on releasing other bands on Blackball. They will consist largely of my friends and anyone who I think is good.
The first non-Jawbreaker project is going to be La Plebe. They are an awesome hardcore/ska band from SF's Mission District who sing almost exclusively in Spanish. They are the most exciting live band I've seen in ages. Visit their site for show info: They will get into the studio hopefully with Lars Frederiksen after he gets back from tour.

We have a site, but haven't added content other than an mp3 of "The Way Back" for your perusal.
We played the Fillmore a couple weeks ago with Sleater-Kinney and Quasi. Yes, that's Janet doing double-time in both bands (upwards of 2 hours of drumming per night)! It was great to see them play and also a thrill to play to a captive audience of 1,000. I think we did all right.
Upcoming Shows:
June 9 at the Fillmore, SF. Opening for Mission of Burma (you have NO IDEA).
June 16 at Bottom Of The Hill, SF. Opening for Challenger (featuring Jessica Hopper!).
June 19 at Huntridge Theater, Las Vegas. Opening for the Ataris (Reeve Oliver also playing).

Whysall Lane shirts:
$10. Red, with black and white ink. West Side Story logo (see site). S, M,L,XL, Babydoll. Buttons free w/ order.
Jawbreaker stickers and buttons:
Send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope and I'll send a sticker and button. Logo style, white on black. Send a buck if you want a few of both.
Send to: Blackball Records: 1034 Valencia Street SF, CA 94110
As always, you can order a few different Jawbreaker shirts from"

7 May 2004

� The Jawbreaker MP3 page has posted the third part of a phone interview with Chris. There's some good info in it, so be sure to listen carefully.

2 Mar. 2004

� The Dear You reissue should be available in stores today, although there have been some distribution problems.
� Chris has been playing in two bands; the ex-drummer from Couch (Lookout! Records) plays in both of them, and the guitarist from the Bangs plays in one of them. He's taking up the bagpipes and working on his dissertation, too.

1 Jan. 2004

� The February 2004 issue of Alternative Press contains an article on the Dear You reissue, which includes interviews with Jawbreaker, Rob Cavallo (producer), and Mark Kates (Geffen A&R; rep). Save your money for the reissue and check out the article in its entirety here.
� Adam has updated the Blackball Records frontpage for the first time since August. For your convenience, relevant portions of the update have been reproduced below. Be sure to check out Blake's song-by-song commentary on Dear You.
"Dear You is coming out February 23, 2004. It has every song we recorded for Dear You. Here's the track list:
1. Save Your Generation
2. I Love You So Much It's Killing Us Both
3. Fireman
4. Accident Prone
5. Chemistry
6. Oyster
7. Million
8. Lurker II: Dark Son Of Night
9. Jet Black
10. Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault
11. Sluttering (May 4th)
12. Basilica
13. Unlisted Track
14. Shirt*
15. Into You Like A Train
16. Sister
17. Friendly Fire
18. Boxcar
*Mixed by J Robbins. The CD has the Fireman video. The vinyl is a double LP with a full-color gatefold sleeve. The sides break down like this: A (1-4), B (5-9), C (10-13), D (15-18).
Some of you have asked about the mono demo of I Love You So Much It's Killing Us Both. It was recorded in July of 1994 at Jimmy Boyle's house on 16-tracks. The chorus is different and Floyd happens to like it better than the Dear You version. Anyway, I couldn't fit it on this record, so I gave it to my friend Cali at True Love Records. The B-side will have two songs: Wesley Willis's "Jawbreaker," which tells the story of your boys playing a (fictional) show at the Casbah in San Diego; and (my sister) Kembra Pfahler's acoustic rendition of "Ache." Cali's going to press a few thousand to get them out to the diehards and new converts alike, so there won't be that limited edition supply and demand wet blanket to suffer. Check his site for updates, though the idea is to put it out around March.
Cinderblock is still doing our merch and has screened a couple new shirt designs and stickers.
I am still playing in Whysall Lane. You can download an MP3 of one of our songs at We're playing San Francisco's Noisepop Festival in February."

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